Friday, 2 April 2010

Welcome, to a day in the life of Ree.

So for some reason I feel i need to write a bit about me on here. So far it's just been photographs of my work. So here is a summary of my life so far :
Im 18, nearly 19, and i suffer from severe depression and often have panic attacks. I used to be on tablets for my depression but they messed with my heart, so i was taken off of them. I have depression because a few years ago my little brother was put into a kids home, after years of my mother saying that because she was in kids homes she would never put her own kids in one. Anyway, so this happened, and christmas eve they came and took my 14 year old brother away. Family means alot to me, and i cannot forgive my mother for choosing her husband over her son. Anyway, yada yada yada, more depressingness.... so now its 2010. My little brother has turned 16, and i went down to Devon, Cornwall, where he got moved to spend the day with him. My mother has still not seen him, even though his birthday was in february.
So now i go out wiht friends, go to college and have a job, but i still have really bad days when the depression wont let me get out of bed. I am not connected to my family at all. So far this week i think my parents and i have exchanged about 10 words.
So this is where i do my art work, which always has a dark edge to it, i think.

Anyway, so this is where my head is at right now :

" If i died how long would it take for someone to notice?" thats the question in my head, not because i want to die, but because im interested in how long it would take my own parents to realise.

So yeah. Auvoir :)

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